Wrangling Code

The Tiny Books Universe [Detail]

For months I’ve been unable to update this site due to an underlying technical issue. After updating my operating system in early 2018, everything broke and, try as I might to fix it, I ended up unable to post anything.


This unfortunate problem collided with a period in my life in which I was very unwell and had to focus on other, more pressing matters.

After months in the wilderness – literally, in Donegal – I’m back. I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and I will share more on that soon, but – until then – I’m happy to say that this site is, once again, working. Hurrah!

I’d like to thank David Turner – my co-founder at Get Invited – for helping me to get everything working again. Wrangling code is not my strong suit and David very kindly set aside some time to help fix everything. I very much appreciate his support, for fixing broken things and, more importantly, as a friend.

I’ve made some major changes in my life and – as of 9 July, 2018 – I’m now a half-time lecturer. I’m embarking upon a new phase of my career and, now I have a little more time, I hope to post here a little more frequently once again.

It’s good to be back.

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