A Labour of Love

The Tiny Books Universe [Detail]

It’s been a long journey, but I’m excited to – finally! – announce that the first of my Tiny Books, Start! Stop Procrastinating and Pursue Your Passion, will go on sale on Tuesday.

If you’ve ever dreamed of running a business, and imagined a future where your business aligns with your passions, I think you’ll find it useful.

The content of the book – and its accompanying screencasts, slide decks and worksheets – will help you get started so that you can turn your idea into a reality, building a profitable business. As Lee Munroe, one of my successful Masters graduates, puts it:

Think of it as a Masters education without the Masters price tag.

Helping others realise their dreams is incredibly important to me, so I’ve priced everything very affordably. I believe education should be within reach of everyone, and through Tiny Books I’m sharing my tried and tested teaching tools with as wide an audience as possible.

Even better, if you sign up for the Tiny Books Newsletter you’ll get a special 48 hour discount when the book launches, saving you 1/3 off the price. Win, win!

I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on and I’m very much looking forward to reaching lift off on Tuesday.

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