100 Blocks

100 Blocks [Detail]

I discovered Tim Urban’s wonderful site, Wait But Why, thanks to a spot of judicious yak shaving last night.

His thoughts on time, particularly the idea of 100 Blocks a Day, caught my attention. I’m currently researching the effective use of time for a forthcoming article for 24 Ways, so this was a welcome – and timely – discovery. (Sorry!)

As Urban puts it:

Most people sleep about seven or eight hours a night. That leaves 16 or 17 hours awake each day. Or about 1,000 minutes. […] Let’s think about those 1,000 minutes as 100 10-minute blocks. That’s what you wake up with every day.

Urban encourages you to consider how you use your blocks of time each day, ensuring you put them to good use. Framing this idea he explores where that time might be allocated:

How many of them are put towards making your future better, and how many of them are just there to be enjoyed?

Importantly, Urban proposes that some of your blocks should be intentionally left empty, with no assigned purpose at all. This idea – building in margin – is something I’ve been exploring more, recently (and is definitely an idea worth acquainting yourself with).

Think of your 100 Blocks a day. How are you putting them to use? Are you making the most of them? If not, you might like to rethink things and make the most of every moment.

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