Squash [Detail]

If you design for the web, you might like to take a look at Squash by Realmac Software. Billed as, “the easiest way to compress and optimise images for the web,” it’s a handy drag and drop solution for… squashing your images and reducing their file size.

In this day and age of almost ubiquitous broadband, image optimisation is something that is, sadly, all too often overlooked, but spare a thought for mobile users with limited bandwidth or others who have less robust connections.

Version 2.0 is available at a discount – 60% off – in a special Black Friday sale. I picked up a copy and squashed the image above. My original was 25K, the squashed version was 20K. That’s a 20% saving that mobile users will, I’m sure, appreciate.

It all adds up.

We all have a duty to make the web a better place by compressing our assets, Squash is a handy and easy to use tool that helps realise the vision of a speedier web. I’d encourage you to pick up a copy.

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