Lagom [Detail]

In this day and age, where there’s a wealth of reading at the tip of your fingerprints online, I subscribe to few magazines. Lagom is one.

I’ve written for Lagom in the past, but that’s not the reason I subscribe. My primary reason is that I enjoy its mix of content – which magically transports me from the world of the web to the real world, around us – and the magazine’s production values.

Nothing beats a beautifully printed magazine filled with thought-provoking content, and Lagom ticks both those boxes.

This year Elliot and Samantha Stocks are running a Black Friday sale with a difference. They’ve reduced everything by 50% (so you’ve no excuses not to pick up a copy) and, even better, they’re contributing the 50% you pay to four charities close to their hearts.

If you’re looking for inspiration subscribe, you’ll not only be helping an independent publication, but you’ll be giving to charity, too. Hats off to Mr and Mrs Stocks for all their hard work and for their approach to Black Friday, which puts philanthropy before profit.

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