Eight Hours

The Great Discontent Kickstarter [Detail]

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and Tina Essmaker, the publishers of The Great Discontent, at Brooklyn Beta a handful of years ago. They’re the nicest two people you could imagine meeting. Their passion and enthusiasm for what they’re doing shines through.

Their magazine, The Great Discontent – “a print publication and online magazine featuring inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers” – is a great example of how their passion and enthusiasm manifests itself and it’s incredibly inspiring.

If you haven’t discovered The Great Discontent, I’d rectify that now. Their interviews are inspiring and will provide you with the motivation you need to pursue your passions and make them a reality.

Their Kickstarter – focused on reprinting Issue 1 of the magazine (long out of print) – has just eight hours to go and they’re sitting at $21,938 of their $35,000 goal. There are just 1,000 hardback copies on offer, and they’re discounted on Kickstarter. Do yourself a favour and back the project now, you won’t regret it.

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