The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace [Detail]

I have a terrible memory for certain things and I’m ever-forgetful, so this article – Remembering More of Everything: The Memory Palace – proved a memorable read.

If you haven’t discovered Shane Parrish’s writing at Farnam Street, I’d encourage you to rectify that now and sign up for his newsletter, or subscribe to his RSS feed. You won’t regret either.

Parrish is well-read, has a great eye and is always uncovering useful information that, as he puts it:

…helps you make better decisions, innovate, and avoid stupidity.

I’m all for avoiding stupidity, and making better decisions and innovating are both topics that are close to my heart.

If you’re struggling to ‘remember more of everything’, this article on memory palaces will give you some good guidance. It’s a short read that is well worth setting aside some time for.

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