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In addition to my role as a Senior Lecturer at the Belfast School of Art, I mentor a number of young creatives who are just starting out. My focus is on helping them to get the start they need, ensuring they’re positioned to succeed.

One of the first sessions I cover is ‘Your Home on the Web’, where we explore the importance of establishing a considered presence online, around which to build your brand. Inevitably the topic of biographies and ‘About Me’ pages comes up.

I think it’s safe to say that your ‘About Me’ page is one of the hardest pages you’ll have to write. It needs to be finely-tuned. You need to balance a degree of humility whilst also highlighting your successes, it’s a little like walking a tightrope….

You don’t want to come across as arrogant, but equally you don’t want to hide your light under a bushel.

If you’re starting out, or revisiting your ‘About Me’ page, I’d strongly recommend reading Nicole Fenton’s How To Write an ‘About Me’ Page That Gets You Hired. It’s filled with great advice and it’s well worth bookmarking, reading, digesting and returning to.

Fenton is the co-author of Nicely Said (with the equally talented Kate Kiefer Lee) and she knows her words. As she puts it:

An about page doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing. Keep it simple and put your inner-critic aside.

‘About Me’ pages are difficult, you have just one page to capture the attention of the reader, whilst underlining just what it is about you that sets you apart (not to mention conveying all of your hard-earned experience).

If you’re struggling to introduce yourself, set aside a little time and work through Fenton’s ideas, you’ll find it’s time well spent.

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