Eight Faces; Three Days

8 Faces – Collected [Detail]

There are just three days left to back 8 Faces: Collected on Kickstarter. 72 hours to snap up a copy of what will, I have no doubt, be a beautifully designed book.

I was delighted to see Elliot and Samantha Stocks, the team behind 8 Faces (and now Lagom), hit their goal of £40,000 and push past it comfortably. They’re fast approaching £50,000 and – if they hit that goal – they’ll have the chance to update the interviews that appeared in the magazine first time around. (Let’s make that happen!)

I wrote for all but one issue of the magazine when it was first published and had the pleasure of interviewing, amongst others, Hamish Muir of Octavo, Ed Fella, and Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell of FUEL. (For the last issue I interviewed Steven Heller, which – while thoroughly enjoyable – was a little intimidating… he’s a giant of typography.)

8 Faces is lovingly produced and if you’re a typography aficionado (everybody should be!) 8 Faces: Collected will be a huge hardback book you’ll want to own.

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