Made by Google

Made by Google [Detail]

If you missed it last week, Google is making things; real, hold in your hand things. (I know, the company has forayed in this direction before, but this feels decidedly different, it feels like a significant shift in the company’s strategic trajectory.)

The company’s new Made by Google programme is decidedly interesting and – if I’m thinking this through correctly – marks a major shift for Google, from a world of bits to a world of atoms (that act as a front end to bits).

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this at Tiny Books, a home for creative entrepreneurs at the ‘David’ end of the ‘David and Goliath’ spectrum. It’s because I think this move offers opportunities for those focused on content and content distribution.

The hardware Google’s just unveiled – Pixel, Daydream and Home… – comes together to form an integrated, end-to-end delivery system for content. If your focus is on content – whatever its form – Made by Google is definitely something you should acquaint yourself with.

Having recently developed a Micro-Publications masterclass that focuses on future content delivery platforms, I’m watching Google’s developments in this area with interest. It’s certainly an exciting time to be working with content.

Wallpaper* have put together an overview – Google’s life-enhancing gadget suite brings a new edge to your world… – that captures the essence of the opportunity nicely.

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