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As an educator working to shape the future of the web, I believe it’s important to celebrate the best of digital in the widest sense by uniting those who design and build our future web experiences. Bringing together designers and builders we can share a holistic view of our wonderfully rich industry, shaping better outcomes.

DIBI: Design It; Build It – a conference I’ve enjoyed attending immensely – ties together the many threads of the web neatly and should be on every web aficionado’s calendar.

I was delighted to be invited to chair DIBI London, 2016 and I’m very much looking forward to being a part of the event, which has a truly wonderful lineup of speakers, who collectively span the widest of possibilities. You’d be remiss to miss it.

I’m looking forward to introducing eight exciting speakers, including: Tobias van Schneider, former Lead Product Designer and Art Director at Spotify; Stefanie Posavec, a thought-provoking designer working in the medium of data; and Jane Austin, Design Director at MOO.

It’s a measure of how good DIBI London, 2016 is that I feel guilty singling out just three of the day’s eight speakers, so – in the interests of completeness, so you know what you don’t want to miss – here’s the entire talented roster….

Josh Payton, VP of User Experience at Huge, Europe (I’ve seen Payton speak and he’s incredibly inspiring); Dan Cork, a developer with almost a decade’s experience, “tinkering with the web”; Frances Berriman, formerly of GOV.UK (an organisation I love); Marco Cedaro, a veteran of the web since the first browser wars; and Peter Parkes, Strategy Director at Made by Many.

Every one a gem.

In short, eight speakers that – collectively – gather together decades of experience that you owe it to yourself to learn from. If you’re serious about being the best you can be, take a day off and soak up their knowledge, you won’t regret it.

Tickets are very reasonably priced and there are just a handful left. I’d strongly encourage you to snap one up before they go.

I very much hope to see you there and, if you’re attending please find me and say, “Hello!” If you do, I’ll have a little something for you – a free something special – just a little something I’ve been working on.

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