Start With Real Problems

Jobs To Be Done [Detail]

Ever helpful, the team at Intercom have launched their fourth book, Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done. Better still, it’s free, or – should you prefer – available for a small donation to Code2040.

As the team summarise: “Great products start with real problems.” Start with real problems and design solutions to those problems and you’ll find yourself building better products.

Drawing together the lessons the Intercom team have learned over the lifetime of their product the book offers tried and tested advice on how to approach your business, its growth and innovation.

As Rocket Insights’ Joshua Porter puts it:

This book helps you look at the whole product picture from the point of view of your customers. For anybody looking for a powerful framework to guide your product building, this is it.

I’d encourage you to get a copy, it’s lovingly designed, beautifully illustrated and filled with great advice.

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