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The Craft of Words [Detail]

A week ago Five Simple Steps sadly called it a day and closed down.

With that closure a great deal of knowledge – around designing, and building, for the web – disappeared. As a Five Simple Steps author I was, understandably, disappointed.

Thankfully, a number of Five Simple Steps authors have pooled their resources to make their books available via Future Simple Steps. If you’re looking for something from the Five Simple Steps library, the chances are that Future Simple Steps has you covered. I’d encourage you to take a look, there are some fantastic books on offer.

I’m happy to say that my two-part volume, on ‘The Craft of Words’, is now available via Gumroad, where it’s on offer as a discounted bundle. If you’re a designer working on the web (or even a designer working off the web) the chances are that words are a part of your design vocabulary. As I put it in the books:

Look carefully and you’ll notice that many of the most successful designs are built around words. Apple tantalises us with the ability to hold, “thousands of songs in your pocket.” MailChimp has created a wonderfully engaging brand, heavily focused around language.

Almost every interaction you make – whether online or offline – involves words. Words can help, words can hinder. As a designer you owe it to yourself, and your clients, to learn about the power of words.

For a limited time, use the offer code ‘language’ for an additional 20% discount and get two books for less than the price of a pint. A bargain!

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