The New 99U

The New 99U [Detail]

99U, an ever-reliable source of creative inspiration and advice, has had a redesign, and it’s lovely. As 99U puts it:

99U was founded to help people, specifically those in the creative industries, by sharing insights into making ideas happen. That mission is deep in our DNA, and we are doubling down on it for our newest incarnation.

True to that mission, 99U are moving towards a ‘more focused’ publication. To achieve this they’re: putting imagery front and centre; expanding their editorial vision (with an emphasis on creative career advice); overhauling their email newsletter; and launching a brand new 99U Magazine.

They describe this shift as moving towards the creation of, “the ‘missing curriculum’ for building an incredible creative career.”

As an educator – with a strong track record helping creatives build sustainable and successful creative careers – you won’t be surprised to find that I’d argue that the ‘missing curriculum’ isn’t actually missing, if you look in the right places, but there’s no doubting the fact that 99U offers a great deal of sound advice nonetheless.

If you’re not already familiar with 99U, I’d encourage you to explore their site, it’s filled with useful information and contains a great deal of inspiration.

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