Design, Process, Collaboration

Design, Process, and Collaboration at Stripe [Detail]

Jordan Koschei interviews Ludwig Pettersson, Creative Director at Stripe, for Medium’s ‘In Progress’. There’s a lot to learn in Koschei’s interview, but one aspect caught my eye in particular, Pettersson’s assertion that:

There should be nothing standing in the way of starting a business or selling something online and charging for it.

This idea – of levelling the playing field and allowing anyone with an idea for a business to compete with others – lies at the heart of Stripe and other services like it.

Many years ago, when I ran a record label, managing payments was an expensive business, requiring credit card terminals with costly terms and conditions. Stripe does away with all of this complexity and, in so doing, paves the way for a host of new, fleet-of-foot businesses to take root.

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