Breaking Borders

Breaking Borders [Detail]

I’m very much looking forward to speaking at Breaking Borders on 17 February, 2016. The theme for the evening is ‘Mental Barriers’ and I’ll be talking about confronting some of the challenges I faced trying to get Tiny Books off the ground.

As I put it in the talk description:

In this short talk, Christopher Murphy will talk about how he used the deadline for this short talk, to stop procrastinating and actually pursue his passion. If all has gone according to plan, when you hear the talk he’ll share the story of how he turned Tiny Books from an idea, never-delivered, into a reality.

I’m making good progress actually delivering on Tiny Books (instead of just talking about it) thanks to this deadline, and I’m looking forward to sharing a few insights I’ve learned along the way.

I’d like to thank Prompt for supporting the event, enabling me to attend and share a few thoughts on the important topic of mental health in the technology sector.

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