With Valentine’s Day just a fortnight away, now’s the time to get your loved one (or, perhaps, yourself?) something sweet.

B&O Play’s beautifully designed products might be at the higher end of the audio spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from their strategies (even if you can only dream of owning some of their lovely products).

For Valentine’s Day, B&O Play offer you the opportunity to Bundle Up for Sweet Savings, offering a considerable saving when you pick a couple of products that they consider a perfect match.

You might not be a purveyor of high end audio products, but ask yourself: How might you combine your offerings for the benefit of your customers? Yes, you’ll lose a little on the transaction, but what you’ll also be doing is providing an incentive to drive some sales.

The result: happy customers, that availed of an opportunity; and a welcome shot in the arm for your cash flow.

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