HybridConf, Berlin

HYBRIDCONF2016 [Detail]

I had the pleasure of speaking at HybridConf, Dublin in 2015, which I very much enjoyed being a part of, so I was delighted to see that the conference is back, once again, for another year in 2016.

This year you can look forward to a new city and a new lineup. So say, “Hello!” to HybridConf, Berlin, which I can safely guarantee will be well worth attending.

As the HybridConf team put it:

We’re the conference for creatives of every kind. We’re the conference that inspires and empowers. We’re the conference that defies conventions. We’re the conference for you.

If you’re free from 18-19 August, 2016, I can think of no better place to be than Berlin. Sign up for announcements to be sure you get a ticket the moment they go on sale.

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