Beautiful Email

Joanna Sans Nova [Detail]

We might all be struggling to reach Inbox Zero, but that doesn’t mean email as a way to share you stories isn’t effective. The key to standing out in a crowded inbox is to put a little effort in and ensure your email is beautiful.

Ever-helpful, the folks at Campaign Monitor have put together a case study showcasing FontShop’s wonderful work in this medium. As they put it:

Some emails look more like works of art than marketing assets.

Looking at FontShop’s lovingly designed emails, I’m sure you’d agree.

You might not be a typography aficionado, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the lengths the FontShop team go to, to ensure that their emails stand out in your overflowing inbox.

How Fontshop Uses Design to Bring Beauty to Email Marketing is worth reading to gain an insight into how the FontShop team position design at the heart of their email marketing efforts. If nothing else, you might pick up a typographic tip or two along the way. (Which – I hope you’ll agree – is no bad thing.)

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