Ship Early, Ship Often

The Tiny Books Universe [Detail]

Ship early. Ship often. This is the advice I offer my students (and those I mentor), so I’d be a hypocrite not to practice what I preach. As Matthew Strickland puts it:

The core belief behind shipping early and often is that incremental improvements matched with customer feedback makes great software.

Strickland’s focus might be software, but – if we widen our understanding of what software might be – the underlying idea that he, and others, espouse fits. My goal with Tiny Books is to create ‘software for the mind’, content that helps to shape understanding.

In the spirit of shipping, and not endlessly polishing and perfecting behind the scenes, I’m launching the Tiny Books web site as I work on it. Expect changes (and doubtless lots of them).

I intend to work on the books as I share content via the journal. I hope to have the first two books – Start! and Connect – available at some point in the near future. While I’m working on them I’ll be sharing draft content here, via the Tiny Books journal.

I’ve missed gathering my thoughts in a journal, and – if you’ve seen me speak, you’ll know I believe A Good Writer Is a Good Thinker – I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries again.

It’s good to be back in the saddle and to have a place called home for sharing information I think others will find value in. I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey with you. Let’s buckle up for the ride.

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