The Pastry Box

The Pastry Box [Detail]

Throughout 2015 I had the pleasure of writing a monthly column for The Pastry Box, a shared resource that afforded the opportunity to learn from creatives the world over. As Alex Duloz, The Pastry Box’s founder, put it:

The concept of the Pastry Box is quite simple: bring people together and let them write about anything they want. If you do that, you should get some kind of testimony about our day and age.

Reading others’ thoughts on The Pastry Box over the last few years inspired me tremendously, and I was honoured to be invited to contribute to the project. My focus was on creativity, focusing on a monthly programme that readers could follow to grow creatively.

For four – inspiring – years, Alex Duloz and Katy Watkins (the project’s editor) invited a handful of ‘bakers’, “To share thoughts regarding what they do.”

Their intention was to publish a daily dose of inspiration from makers around the world. I’m delighted to have been a part of the project, and – one day – imagine some of my content for The Pastry Box will find its way into my Tiny Books. Until then, you can read my thoughts on Designing a Mind at The Pastry Box archive.

I’ll miss The Pastry Box, but it lives on in an archive of published material. It contains a wealth of thoughts and certainly constitutes a testimony about our day and age.

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