The Tiny Books site was created using a variety of tools, both analogue and digital. Posts are written in Markdown using Bare Bones Software’s excellent BBEdit, detail images for posts are painstakingly edited in Photoshop and everything is served using a combination of GitHub Pages and Jekyll.


The site was designed by Christopher Murphy, working in partnership with the very talented Jordan Moore, who undertook the final build. The Tiny Books brand was designed by the equally talented Vic Bell.


The site’s body copy is set in Elena with titles and subtitles in Klavika. Both typefaces – beautifully crafted – are available on Process Type Foundry.

Designed by Nicole Dotin for Process Type Foundry and released in 2011, Elena is intended: “For text that’s meant to be read.” It’s a beautifully crafted and versatile typeface, and a typographic workhorse I’d highly recommend.

A sans for the 21st century, Klavika is designed by Eric Olson, who describes it as, “unadorned, modern and infinitely flexible.” (You might be familiar with it, it’s the typeface that Facebook uses.)

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