The Tiny Books Universe

The Tiny Books universe combines content of varying lengths, which is designed to fit together. Planets are longer books, with accompanying material, exploring core topics in-depth. Moons are shorter, supplementary books, also with accompanying material. This content is supported by regular posts at the Tiny Books journal, illustrating design and business thinking in a timely manner.

Collectively this content grows to build a library that covers everything today’s creative needs to know and understand to turn an idea for a creative business into a commercial reality.

My first book, Start!, is finished – Hurrah! – you might like to pick up a copy.



  • A shot of the Moons series book covers
  • Eureka! Unleash Your Ideas by Building an Idea Factory
  • Connect Build Your Business by Nurturing Your 1,000 True Fans
  • Touchpoints Why the Little Details Matter to Your Brand

Learn From Real World Case Studies

One of the things I’m focusing on with Tiny Books is taking the intersection of design and business theory, and showing its application in the real world. As such, it’s important that each of the books feature real life case studies. I’m fortunate, through conference speaking, to have the opportunity to meet a lot of incredibly talented people doing remarkable work. These people will all form the backbone of my case studies.

My first in-depth book, Start!, features three case studies: Hiut Denim, Sugru and Kano. Other case studies I plan to feature, include: Brewbot, Lagom, Offscreen, AIAIAI, Tattly… and many, many more.

In short, there are a wealth of companies I believe readers can learn from, companies that are collectively pursuing new models of business and taking their talents to the web. Highlighting these companies’ best practice inspires readers and gives them the confidence to succeed, echoing Tiny Books’ purpose.

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