Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy is a writer, designer and speaker based in Belfast. A passionate educator, and a mentor to many young entrepreneurs, Murphy leads Interaction Design provision at The Belfast School of Art, where he has championed a successful entrepreneurship culture for many years.

The author of numerous books — collectively exploring design — he has written, amongst others, for: Five Simple Steps, Offscreen and The Manual. He also writes a monthly column on ‘The Design of Business’ for net magazine.

An internationally respected speaker, he has spoken and run workshops at conferences worldwide, including: Build, Industry and, on the topic of mental health in the technology sector, at Brooklyn Beta.

Tried and Tested Knowledge

I’ve drawn the content for Tiny Books from over a decade of working with creative businesses of all sizes. My material is tried and tested, through a combination of: consultancy, working with businesses in the creative industries; education, at The Belfast School of Art; and, finally, through material I delivered as a lead trainer on a number of creative startup programmes pioneered by the UK innovation charity, Nesta.

Through this work I have mentored a generation of designers, helping them develop the critical business skills required to succeed and thrive.

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